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Newsnodes.com is a website dedicated to covering news from a wide variety of sources and angles. Part of the newsnodes-concept is that we do NOT believe that the answer to fake news are centralized factchecking authorities, like the EUvsDisinfo.eu initiative of the European Union.

Instead we believe that news should be presented directly from sources with a clear breakdown between the news itself and additional analysis and/or contextual information. The reality however is that news articles are usually a mix of facts and (unintentionally) biased contextual information. Since this also applies to fake news, this is the main reason that fake news is hard to distinguish from honest news reporting. Newsnodes.com strives to stand out, by not providing contextual information as part of the news / facts, but by providing contextual information in seperate analyses.

COVID-19/Coronavirus edition
Since March 2020, our website is dedicated to charting and analyzing the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide. Exclusive charts will be provided based on reports by the World Health Organization, national authorities and/or (local) news reports. We will also seperately provide analysis to understand these numbers.

Usage and reproduction of charts
It is allowed to reproduce the charts as published on newsnodes.com, but you must include a subtitle near the chart mentioning "newsnodes.com".

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If you want to share your analysis with us or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding newsnodes.com, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to: (infonewsnodes.com)

Gérard Hoeberigs,
Editor-in-chief, newsnodes.com

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